BEA Elections were held for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year. Up for election this year were the officer positions of Vice President and Treasurer and Building Representatives for both the Elementary School and the Secondary School. Because there were no contested races, every listed individual has been elected to their desired positions. Additionally, an election was held to ratify the updated BEA Constitution and Bylaws. The results are below.

Vice President

Lori Rager


Jason Calder

BSS Representatives

Nancy Fischer

Amy Plumley

Kaitlyn Fourman

Matt Hoover

Kris Knodell

BES Representatives

Kristine Fourman

Nancy Lipscomb

Cathy Green

Carrie Robertson

Laura Williams

BEA Constitution and Bylaws

Approve- 37 votes

Reject- 0 vote

Thank you to all that voted, and congratulations to these elected individuals. Thank you for your willingness to serve the Association.

BEA Elections were held on Tuesday, May 26, 2020. Results are as follows:

  • President
    • Julie Rheinscheld- 26
    • Terra Hamm- 56
  • Secretary
    • Sarah Martin- 39
    • Brett Love- 43
  • BES Representatives
    • Kristine Fourman- 41
    • Nancy Lipscomb- 42
    • Karen Kocher- 42
    • Karla Schiefer- 42
    • Tiffany Powers- 42
  • BSS Representatives
    • Mark Fiske- 20
    • Kaitlyn Fourman- 13
    • Amy Plumley- 33
    • Nancy Fischer- 32
    • Katie Spaniel- 28
    • Marty Schuster- 31
    • Kim Long- 16
    • Sarah Pearce- 16
    • Kayli McCullough- 11